Julie Zahn Artist: Watercolor, Woodcut, Printmaking, Katazome, Maine Landscape Paintings
Rabbit in GreysGarden in YellowsTwo Ducks with Morning GloriesGarden with Black BoxBlue Fall DayPuddle ReflectionsPurple Fall DayUntitledHydrangeasBox of OrangesSquashes & ShadowsNasturtium ScrollSquash GardenRabbit With Gold Hop, Skip & JumpDucks in SnowstormSnow BunniesDucks on BlueDucks in February
These paintings are produced using Japanese Stencil Dyeing or katazome. I cut a stencil out of mylar and spread a resist paste over it. Once the paste dries I can paint the piece. The paste is then soaked off, revealing the sections that were protected by the paste during the painting process.