Julie Zahn Artist: Watercolor, Woodcut, Printmaking, Katazome, Maine Landscape Paintings
Pursue the IslandsHigh on the SwellSilver-Studded DaysCrown With BeautyRocky ThresholdHere I Sit Tidal Waves TumblingLeave Us BehindCrushing BlueOn the Open SeaA Spirit of Hearth SmokeThe Salt Barren SeaReckless Launch Into the SeaFile of IslandsA Dark, Wooded IslandWaves Spin the YearsRecklessness of the WavesLustrous, Coursing Through Your VeinsIsland Sets, RisesInto Deeper WaterReckless CoastAll Your Yearning Rage OnA Glimpse of Driving, Sparkling TwistWave-Washed Of the SeaSeething, Cunning of the SeaTurn Where the Sun God Sings To MeOff Course, Arching CavernsThe Misty Sea with CourageTime and AgainFoaming Surf, Not a Shred of SenseEarth Free of TrialsDrifting Islands
These landscapes are painted on a small island where I have spent part of the past eight summers. There are so many reasons why I love this particular island. For the past four years or so I have been painting at one particular spot. For the past two years I have painted from the porch of our rental house where there's a long view of the harbor. I never tire of those two spots. These paintings are from the summer of 2009.